I. Authorization

Storytime Tours is a certified and commercially independent tourist guide according to the regulations of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung) and conducts guided tours for individuals and groups to explain specific topics and show specific facilities.
The legal basis is § 94 Z 21 in conjunction with § 108 of the Trade Regulation Act (GewO).
The admission requirements for the professional qualification for the regulated trade of tourist guides are regulated in the Tourist Guide Directive (BGBL II No. 46/2003, dated 28.01.2003).


. A contract for the provision of a tourist guide is concluded under the following conditions


  1. Disclaimer for guided tours

Participation in all guided tours conducted by Storytime Tours is without exception at your own risk. No liability is assumed for damages of any kind.


  1. Conclusion of the tour contract

Inquiries can be accepted in writing (e-mail, SMS, mail) and by telephone. Storytime Tours will send the client a written offer by e-mail after the inquiry has been made. With your receipt of the confirmation of our offer, the tour is bindingly booked and the present general terms and conditions of business are also considered as accepted.


  1. Group size

For all guided walking-tours, the number of participants should not exceed 30 per group. If there are more than 20 participants, we recommend renting a Quietvox System. Guided tours for groups with more than 40 participants must be agreed in advance with Storytime Tours. Due to the high number of participants, the group must be divided if the group size exceeds 40 participants. The costs for the additional guide are to be paid by the client. In this case Storytime Tours will inform the client in the appropriate way before a binding order is placed.


  1. Use of audio systems

Storytime Tours recommends the use of audio systems (such as Voice2Go) for groups of 20 or more participants.
Rental can be carried out on behalf of the client by Storytime Tours, the costs incurred will be charged directly to the client without surcharge. If an audio system is provided by the client, no additional costs are incurred.
If, contrary to the recommendation of Storytime Tours, the client does not wish to use audio equipment despite the size of the group,V iennaRob – your guide assumes no liability or warranty whatsoever with regard to the audibility of the given explanations for all participants.


  1. Fees

Price per half-day tour 2020:

Within Vienna max. 3 hours, whereby the maximum duration for walking only tours (without bus) is recommended at 2 hours.

1 – 25 people EUR 200.00 incl. 20% Ust (net EUR 166.67)

26 – 35 persons EUR 217.00 incl. 20% Ust (net EUR 180.83)

36 – 50 persons EUR 233.00 incl. 20% Ust (net EUR 194.17)

For every overtime hour or part thereof, the following applies in addition:

1-25 persons EUR 68.00 incl. 20% Ust. (net EUR 56.67)

26-35 persons EUR 71.00 incl. 20% Ust. (net EUR 59.17)

36-50 persons EUR 78.00 incl. 20% Ust. (net EUR 65.00)

Costs for bus and entrance fees are not included. The prices do not refer to special services such as lectures or special programs, in this case special agreements apply.
Storytime Tours also offers full-day tours or tailor-made offers that meet the individual needs of the clients. Fees to be agreed separately apply to these tours.
Offers for coach, minibus or limousine service can be obtained on request. In that case a processing fee may apply.
Tours or guided tours outside Vienna on request and by individual arrangement.
For public guided tours as offered on the website Storytime Tours, the rates listed on the website apply.


  1. Changes to the order

Any changes to the tour details fixed in the order confirmation – such as the number of guides in the event of a reduction or enlargement of the group, meeting point, duration of the tour, etc. – must be announced in good time to Storytime Tours.
Storytime Tours has the right to deny changes of the order in case of impossibility to comply. In that case the original order is binding.
If more than one guide has been ordered for the tour and the number of guides is not reduced in time in the event of a change in the number of participants (see cancellation conditions), the number of guides ordered and fixed in the order confirmation will be invoiced.


  1. Cancellation policy

If the client withdraws from the contract or if the group does not appear, cancellation fees may be due, based on the following deadlines.

Cancellation up to 14 calendar days before the tour date: no cancellation fee

Cancellation from 13 calendar days to 72 hours before the tour: 50% of the tour fee

Cancellation less than 72 hours before the tour: 100% of the tour fee

Non-attendance of the group on the tour date: 100% of the tour fee

The cancellation fees are net without value added tax and are flat-rate penalty amounts which are to be paid by the client regardless of fault or occurred damage. The cancellation fee must be paid separately for each individual cancelled tour.


  1. Cancellation of guided tours due to insufficient number of participants

Storytime Tours reserves the right not to carry out public guided tours offered on the website if the number of participants is less than three, Information will be sent by email 12 hours before the tour is scheduled to begin.


  1. Waiting times

– Lateness of the group
The guide will wait at the agreed meeting point until 30 minutes after the agreed tour start time. In case of a foreseeable delay, we request that you inform us by calling +43 660 60 28 308 or by calling the respective guide on his or her mobile phone number (see order confirmation).
In the event of a delay, there is no automatic entitlement to a guided tour in full lenght. A possible extension depends on the availability of the guide and will be invoiced according to the valid tariffs.

– Delay of the guide
The customer on his part agrees to wait up to 15 minutes. This waiting time will not be charged. There are no further claims for compensation.

– Prevention of the Guide
In the event of unavoidable prevention of the guide named in the order confirmation, we undertake to provide a professionally equivalent authorised replacement. The client will be informed in advance if possible.
Should this be impossible, the payment of the fee will be omitted and any down payments will be refunded immediately.


  1. Payment

Payment must be made after the service has been rendered or immediately after the invoice has been issued without deductions; any terms of payment deviating from this only if previously agreed.

– Cash payment
Each cash collection by a guide is carried out against delivery of a payment confirmation.

– Bank transfers
They must be made within 2 weeks after receipt of the invoice and free of charge for the recipient.


  1. Reminder fees
    If a written reminder is necessary, reminder fees of EUR 5 will be charged.
  2. Intellectual property
    The content of the guided tours is the intellectual property of the contractor. Themed tours offered on the website individually arranged themed tours may only be carried out by Storytime Tours and by tourist guides commissioned by Storytime Tours.


  1. Logo usage

The logo of Storytime Tours as well as the designation “Storytime Tours” by third parties may only be used with our explicit consent and on the basis of a written agreement.


  1. Disclaimer

Storytime Tours assumes no liability for damages caused by the fact that due to technical defects your inquiries are not or not processed timely and therefore can not or not be considered timely.
Storytime Tours expressly reserves the right not to carry out tours or guided tours without giving reasons and therefore to refuse them.
Storytime Tours will ensure to the best of its knowledge and belief that the information provided on the website is correct. Storytime Tours is not liable for the website being available at all times, for the completeness, correctness and up-to-dateness of the information and details available under the website or for the trouble-free functioning of the services offered via the website.
Storytime Tours is not liable for any damages to the user based on disruptions in e-mail notification, in particular in the case of e-mails not delivered or delivered late to the user.


  1. Links

Storytime Tours excludes any liability for the contents of third parties that are referred to by means of direct or indirect references (“links”). Storytime Tours has no influence on the current and future design, content or authorship of the linked pages. For this reason, Storytime Tours hereby expressly distances itself from all contents of the linked pages.


  1. Copyright

© Copyright 2020, Storytime Tours
All rights are reserved.

The elements contained on the website such as texts, pictures, graphics and video files are subject to copyright protection and the protection of intellectual property of Storytime Tours. These elements may not be reproduced or otherwise edited or processed (e.g. included in your own databases) without the explicit written consent of Storytime Tours.


  1. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

All legal disputes arising are subject exclusively to Austrian law.
The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from a guided tour is exclusively agreed to be the Austrian court which is locally and factually competent for Vienna. For consumers as defined by of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act, this agreement only applies if they have neither a residence nor a habitual abode in Austria and are not employed in Austria and are not opposed by other regulations.


  1. Final provisions

If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.


Version: 24.08.2020